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Animated foods

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you know what’s fucked up?

that you can be without someone for six months, a year, five years and have mastered not thinking about them, but no matter how much time passes there will always be that moment where you see a photo of them or catch a little of their cologne on a crowed street and suddenly you’re plagued with a rapidly sinking stomach and the relentless question, “what did i do wrong?”

well fuck

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don’t buy colgate whitening toothpaste

it says guaranteed whiteness in 14 days

15 days have come and gone

and i am still asian

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I just want a cute girlfriend who will sit on my lap at parties and on my face in the bedroom.

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"Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter"

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"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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5sos being tested on the current time of Australia +

antonnymous lol I would know this
on2win17 you should be part of their band



i got a new shirt that expresses my feeling towards dumb people i have to deal with every day

I need that shirt

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Dal Shabet by Ahn Jooyoung for IT Pouch Dec 2013

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u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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Hayao Miyazaki talking about his passion for animation while seeing the world through his fascinating career. From the documentary: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013)

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Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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